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The truth about detox is…….there is a lot of bullshit spread about “detox”.

Of course, we must be aware that toxicity in the body is a real thing, and the bodies ability to rid itself of these toxins is also real. What is largely (sometimes falsely) misleading – is that some kind of juice cleanse or magic pill will detoxify you.

First – let’s consider where toxins come from.

We have two ways the body accumulates toxins. Endogenously and exogenously.

Endogenous toxins are the result of metabolic processes within the body, and under optimal healthy conditions, the liver is able to process and excrete these via detoxification pathways.

Exogenous toxins are a result of our diet and environment. Think of all the nasty stuff in you household cleaning products, processed foods, etc. These can be contaminants, pollutants, pesticides, herbicides, any number of harmful chemical or organic compounds.

When we consume factory-farmed meats, non-organic fruits and vegetables, and processed foods created with very long shelf-lives, we are exposing ourselves to these toxins.

The body deals with this via the liver. That’s the role of the liver.

As you see from the image – we have 2 stages of liver detoxification.

Phase 1: Breaks the toxins down to smaller molecules

Phase 2: Binds the toxin to amino acids (proteins) so they can be excreted by the body.

So, without these proteins we cannot complete detoxification. That is why most (not all) juice cleanses or similar are fundamentally flawed. Without adequate levels of the amino acids listed, you cannot complete the detox process. If you simply drink kale and lemon juice for a week, you will become more toxic!

Think of detoxification as a 24/7 process, and not some haphazard blitz. Your body is designed to detoxify itself, you just need to not overload the body with bad food choices in the first place.

A great way to consider your toxicity is a “toxin equation”. Toxicity = exposure to toxins – ability to detoxify.

Avoid processed foods, sugars, alcohol.

Consume wild/grass-fed meats, organic fruits and vegetables, and plenty of seeds and nuts.

Bingo! You are less toxic 24/7!

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