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What is fat burning?

Fat burning is one of the most common phrases we use in the fitness industry.

Excess fat is stored in the body’s cells until it is needed for energy. When the body requires more energy, it breaks down fats in a chemical process known as metabolism.

Crazy enough we can lose body fat whilst not losing weight (muscle weighs more than fat). Whilst you train hard, gain lean body mass and lose fat you could in fact stay the same weight or even gain weight! This isn’t something to worry about and is why the scales shouldn’t always be the first method of watching progress

But how many people actually understand what fat burning is and what is the process of burning fat?!..

Burning body fat isn’t just for body composition but for health and performance.

Let’s make it simple!

So where does the fat actually go when we burn it? Let us tell you..

80% of the fat cells is released through our breath (carbon dioxide)

So if we give an example and someone wanted to lose 10kg of body fat, we need 29kg of oxygen (whilst training or just moving around ) to facilitates this.

That comes out as 28kg of c02 and 11kg of water.. from sweating, urination or tears (if you’re working hard enough)

This = 39kg of mass!!

The main steps of body fat are:

  • Be in an energy deficit nutritionally.
  • Metabolic processes: Get your energy demand on the body through different types of training, not just cardio! This is why your FST training at Pherform daily switches up your training modalities from strength & power, hypertrophy, metabolic conditioning and HIIT cardio.

Get your food right and train differently for a high energy demand!


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