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So what fuel systems are our bodies using during the workouts?

There are chemical energy systems in our bodies but what we are talking about today is what our bodies are utilising nutritionally whilst conducting our every day lives and especially whilst training.


Alcohol is the first fuel system our bodies in fact use for energy (this definitely does NOT mean we should get drunk before a workout) It is actually very toxic to the body and we do not have a storage capacity in the body for it. You will struggle to lose body fat whilst alcohol is regularly in the body and other nutrients are then stored as fat.


The preferred bodies fuel source, it is easy to store and easy to use. We store it as glycogen in our bodies (a little bit in the liver and a little in our muscle tissue)


Fat is a harder energy system to tap into. It is a harder energy system to burn consistently and a slower burning system.


Protein is the last fuel system we want our bodies to use! This is because when we are using protein as a fuel source we are actually breaking our muscle tissue down. Protein is responsible for keeping our metabolisms high.

We want to cut down and make sure our bodies are not using alcohol nor protein as a fuel system!

In the Blitz phase we are trying to deplete our glycogen storage from carbs. As we are going away from using carbs in your meal plans, your bodies are then becoming fat adapted. Fat should be your preferred fuel source.

Unfortunately as you then have some carbs during this phase where we are cutting down the carbs such as a slice of toast, a muffin or a couple biscuits the fat adaption is slowed down again as your glycogen has been re-filled. Insulin levels are then spiked and stopped and early stages of stored body fat is utilised again.


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