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Your body cannot create minerals, so it’s essential you get them all from your food. Minerals are classified as micronutrients, because you don’t need too much of them. However, that doesn’t negate their importance. Like vitamins, minerals don’t contain any calories so they aren’t a direct source of energy.

There are 16 different minerals you’re recommended to take each day through your diet for great health. Known typical minerals that a lot of people lack are calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Main examples of Minerals:

Calcium: helps build strong bones and teeth. You can get calcium from dairy products, leafy green vegetables, orange juice etc.

Iron: The body needs iron to transport oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body. Your entire body needs oxygen to stay healthy and alive. You can get iron from meats (especially red meats), eggs, beans, dried fruit, baked potatoes etc.

Potassium: keeps your muscles and nervous system working properly. You can get potassium from bananas, tomatoes, potatoes, citrus fruits green vegetables etc.

Zinc: helps your immune system fight illnesses and disease. It also helps with cell growth and helps heal wounds. You can get zinc from meats, nuts, legumes etc.

Not consuming important minerals can result in health problems!

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